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Certified Healthcare Documentation Specialist Program

Certified Healthcare Documentation Specialist Program

Get extensive training in medical terminology, electronic health records, medico-legal regulations, and HIPAA. When you understand the basics of EHR and HIPAA regulations, you become hirable for a number of positions in healthcare — all of which can provide security, stability, and mobility.

The Certified Healthcare Documentation Specialist program prepares students to work with confidential information in traditional office settings. The skills and knowledge students learn throughout the training may be applied in care clinics, surgical centers, hospital settings, and other healthcare environments.

What You'll Learn

  • History Of Medical Scribing
    Medical scribing continues to evolve. We’ll fill you in on where the profession started, where it stands now, and where we expect it to be in the future.
  • Functions Of Electronic Health Records
    Learn all about EHR — how they work, what they’re for, and why they’re valuable.
  • Basic Body Systems
    We’ll walk you through all the basic body systems and provide an overview of standard terminology.
  • Communication Standards
    Learn how to construct an accurate and organized HPI, which requires the use of medical terminology and appropriate phrasing as used in formal healthcare documentation.

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