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Student Services

Tuition Payment Plan

Students who are enrolling in programs that are ineligible for Federal financial aid, or students whose financial aid package does not sufficiently cover the cost of course fees, may enroll in the Tuition Payment Plan. Students may split the amount due at the beginning of the term into three payments. Administrative fees apply.

Typical Plan Deadlines:

  • Payment 1 - Due at time of registration - ⅓ of total due, plus $35 administrative fee
  • Payment 2 - Due 30 days into the class term - ⅓ of the original total
  • Payment 3 - Due 60 days into the class term - Remaining balance

If account is not paid in full after 60 days, a 7% late fee will be assessed on remaining balance.

Please contact our main office at (661) 654-2441 or your Academic Advisor with any questions regarding the Tuition Payment Plan.

Submit completed Tuition Payment Plan forms to

Tuition Payment Plan (PDF)