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Student Services

Extended Education Tuition Payment Plan

Students who are enrolling in programs that are ineligible for Federal financial aid, or students whose financial aid package does not sufficiently cover the cost of course fees, may enroll in the Tuition Payment Plan. Students may split the amount due at the beginning of the term into three payments. Administrative fees apply.

Spring 2024 Payment Plan Deadlines:

16-week session

  • 1st payment on or before Feb 2nd
  • 2nd payment on or before Mar 8th
  • 3rd payment on or before Apr 12th

1st 8-week session

  • 1st payment on or before Feb 2nd
  • 2nd payment on or before Mar 8th

2nd 8-week session

  • 1st payment on or before Mar 29th
  • 2nd payment on or before May 10th

If account is not paid in full after 60 days, a 7% late fee will be assessed on remaining balance.

Tuition Payment Plan Form

How to Complete the Payment Plan Form

Interacting with our Tuition Payment Plan Form in Adobe Power Forms involves a series of steps to ensure a smooth and secure transaction process. Below are instructions on how you can navigate and complete the payment plan form:

  1. Access the form:
    •    Open the Tuition Payment Plan Form on your preferred web browser.
    •    Log in using your CSUB NetID and password if required.

    Tuition Payment Plan Form

  2. Pre-Form instructions:
    •    Complete the pre-form questionnaire to generate the Tuition Payment Plan form in Adobe Power Forms. Steps include entering your email address twice, your CSUB ID, First name, and Last name.
  3. Check your email:
    •    Check your email for an Adobe Sign link to the personalized version of the form.
  4. Fill in personal information via Adobe Sign:
    •    Start by entering your personal information accurately.
    •    Include details such as your name, contact information, and any other required identifiers.
  5. Submit form:
    •    Upon completion, submit the form. Payment services will complete the payment plan schedule.
    •    Form will return to you to be signed again once the payment terms are populated.
  6. Sign final form:
    •    Provide the necessary payment details. 
    •    Double-check the accuracy of the provided details to avoid processing errors.
  7. Check email for completed form:
    •    Carefully review the terms and conditions associated with the payment plan. Save completed form for your records.

Please contact our main office at (661) 654-2441 or your Academic Advisor with any questions regarding the Tuition Payment Plan.