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Human Resource Management Certificate

Great organizations need great people…and that’s where you come in.

With a Human Resource Management Certificate from CSU Bakersfield, you’ll become an invaluable liaison between company and coworker. Our program is made up of two courses that will give you the practical, hands-on development needed to power yourself and your organization to further success.

Identify ways to save your organization money by learning how to minimize potential liabilities in the areas of hiring, terminations, workers’ compensation, and sexual harassment. You’ll also learn the best practices in performance appraisals, better hiring techniques, planning benefit packages, and maintaining a safe work environment, which will help you recruit and retain a workforce that will be a force to reckon with.

*Spring admission is open only to students with previous HR experience. Students with no HR experience may enroll each fall. 

Admission Requirements

High school diploma or GED
18 years of age
Interest in the program
Completed application

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