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Bilingual Authorization Program (Spanish)

The 9-unit hybrid Bilingual Authorization Program (BILA) is designed to prepare credentialed teachers and specialists to serve in dual immersion classrooms and other bilingual education settings. Candidates will gain foundational knowledge of bilingual education policy, history, and populations and be prepared to deliver bilingual (Spanish/English) instruction across the content areas.

BILA candidates will also learn strategies for the assessment of student bilingualism and biliteracy proficiency and content knowledge benchmarks in English and Spanish. Candidates must have a preliminary teaching credential prior to beginning the BILA Program and pass the CSET Spanish III Completion (with passing score) or equivalent coursework prior to their second term in the program.

At A Glance



Average Completion Time

6 – 9 Months

Cost Per Credit



CSUB Campus and Partner School District Sites



Admission Cycles


Next application deadline

Fall 2020: August 31, 2020

Admission Requirements

Valid California Multiple Subjects, Single Subject, or Education Specialist teaching credential*
CSET Spanish III Completion (with passing score) or equivalent coursework

*A full list of eligible certificates can be obtained through the BILA Coordinator.

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