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Zachary Zenko, Ph.D.

Graduate Program Director and Assistant Professor, Department of Kinesiology
Dr. Zachary Zenko

Dr. Zenko is interested in promoting physical activity and exercise behavior, and reducing sedentary behavior. Dr. Zenko adopts a dual-process theoretical framework in which physical activity, exercise, and sedentary behavior are influenced jointly by both rational, deliberate and nonrational, automatic processes. Dr. Zenko's work has focused on (a) making the experience of physical activity and exercise more pleasant and enjoyable, (b) understanding decision-making processes that influence physical activity and exercise behavior, and (c) understanding automatic associations with exercise (sometimes called "implicit associations" or "implicit attitudes"). His research has been published in several journals including Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, Psychology of Sport and Exercise, and Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology.

Dr. Zenko welcomes student research assistants and greatly enjoys mentoring students as they take leadership of their own research projects related to exercise and sport psychology. Students are encouraged to reach out to him if they are interested in research opportunities.

Dr. Zenko earned his BS in Health and Physical Education from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, his MS in Health and Physical Activity from the University of Pittsburgh, and his PhD in Kinesiology from Iowa State University. He also trained as a postdoctoral associate at Duke University's Center for Advanced Hindsight. Since joining CSUB in 2018, Dr. Zenko has taught KINE 1018 (Lifetime Fitness), 3000 (Motor Growth and Development Across the Lifespan), KINE 3010 (Measurement and Evaluation in Kinesiology), KINE 3020 (Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity), KINE 4220 (Behavioral Aspects of Physical Activity and Exercise), and independent study courses. In the graduate program, Dr. Zenko is teaching KINE 6040, Advanced Behavior Change, in addition to other courses.

Dr. Zenko is a member of the American College of Sports Medicine, North American Society for the Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity, and the Society for Transparency, Openness, and Replication in Kinesiology.