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Accelerated Drug and Alcohol Studies Program for Job Seekers Starting in March

Stacey Childress
BY Stacey Childress
Director of Marketing and Systems
March 23, 2022

CSUB Extended Education has been awarded a grant through America’s Job Center of California to offer a special accelerated section of the Drug & Alcohol Studies Certificate program which will begin in March.

In order to be admitted to this accelerated program, here are several requirements set by America’s Job Center that you will need to meet. Among these requirements, you must have been laid off or unemployed/looking for work for at least 15 out of the last 26 weeks. Additionally, if you are currently enrolled in the Drug and Alcohol Studies program, you are ineligible for this accelerated program.

To begin the eligibility assessment with America’s Job Center, please view the online orientation on the America's Job Center website.

If you have any questions about the acceptance/assessment process, you must contact America’s Job Center for details at (661) 325-4473 or at