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Financial Aid 

Financial aid is available for students who are admitted to an eligible degree program and enrolled in financial aid eligible courses through Extended Education. Financial aid eligible courses are typically courses that satisfy main campus degree requirements. 

The two main sources of aid you could qualify for summer session would be federal direct loans and Pell grant: 

Direct Loans 

You may receive a portion of your loans for summer, if you did not use your total annual limit in fall and spring semesters. 

Pell Grant 

Year-Round Pell went into effect this year, which means you may receive a full Pell grant in fall, spring and summer (for full-time units). Undergrads are recommended to enroll in at least half-time (6 units) to receive Pell grant for summer. 

State University Grant (SUG) 

Classes through Extended Education are not eligible for State University Grant. Only main campus State University Fees can be paid with SUG. 

Fee Waivers for CSUB Employees and Dependents

Fee waivers for CSUB Employees and Dependents, CA Veteran, 60+ Club, Concurrent Enrollment, Cal Vet, and others are not available for Summer 2022. See the Fee Waivers section for complete details. 

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