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Fee Waiver Information

Eligible dependents of CSUB staff, faculty, and management state employees may have tuition and fees for a maximum of two (2) courses or six (6) units, whichever is greater, waived/reduced each term. All classes must be taken for grades or credit/no credit. Tuition and fees are waived for state-supported classes offered in the Fall and Spring Academic terms and Summer Session. In addition, if not used for state-supported classes offered in Summer Session, tuition and fees may be waived for CSUB Extended Education classes offered in Summer Session. Tuition and fees waivers do not apply to Extended Education programs offered outside the specially designated Summer Session noted in the previous sentence.

Fee waivers are not available for CA Veteran, 60+ Club, Concurrent Enrollment, Cal Vet, and others.

In order to be eligible to receive a fee waiver for Summer Session fees, please complete the applicable form below and return to Human Resources.

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