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Project Management Certificate

Course Descriptions

MGMT 801 Introduction to Project Management (1 CEU)

This course introduces the concepts, processes, and knowledge areas of projects.

MGMT 802 Project Planning and Scheduling (1 CEU)

In this course, you will learn how to plan and schedule your projects using Microsoft Office Project.

MGMT 803 Managing the Project Team (1 CEU)

Management of project teams is difficult because of the unique dynamics of a project team. This course emphasizes how improved communication in project teams can help achieve project success.

MGMT 804 Project Procurement and Quality Management (1 CEU)

This course addresses how to procure quality goods and services for your projects. You will also learn how to implement quality management principles in your projects to help improve the quality of your products and services.

MGMT 805 Project Ethics and Risk Management (1 CEU)

This course addresses the ethics involved in projects from the perspective of the PMI® Code of Ethics. You will also learn how to determine what risks may affect your project, how to assess the potential impact of these risks on your project, and how you can protect your project from these risks.


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