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Pharmacy Technician Certificate Program

Course Descriptions

Fall Semester I (8 weeks)

NURS 801 - Introduction to Pharmacy Technician (8 CEUs)

This course serves as the introductory phase of the Pharmacy Technician Certificate program. During the course, the student will be introduced to the expanding role of the pharmacy technician and the profession of pharmacy in general. The various pharmacy practice settings, and pharmacy professional organizations that offer technician membership. The student will learn pharmacy and medical terminology and information about the top 200 selling prescription drugs (brand name, generic name, drug classification, and indication for use). The laws pertaining to the pharmacy profession, the technician’s duties and responsibilities, and laws governing the handling and dispensing of controlled substances. Basic pharmaceutical calculations and conversions, and the handling, preparation and distribution of a variety of dosage forms will be addressed. The student will also be instructed on the concepts surrounding insurance plans, billing, and reconciliation as they relate to the practice of pharmacy. Finally, the student will receive introductory level instruction on the pharmacology of many of the medications they will be handling on a daily basis.

Fall Semester II (8 weeks)

NURS 802 - Introduction to Pharmacology and Advanced Pharmacy Calculations (8 CEUs)

This course serves as the second phase of the Pharmacy Technician Certificate program. This course provides a more in-depth look into the profession of pharmacy and the technician's role. The student will receive more advanced instruction on pharmaceutical calculations and review those introduced in Introduction to Pharmacy Technician. The student will receive addition instruction on pharmacology, focusing on a new set of drug classes and disease states. The student will also be introduced to compounding (sterile and non-sterile) and receive training on how to perform some of the duties required to work in that particular setting. The student will learn about medication errors, the financial impact they have on the health care delivery system, and - most importantly - receive instruction on how to prevent medication errors. The student will learn about the non-dispensing duties of the pharmacy technician. Finally, the student will receive instruction on HIPAA and how it affects the profession of pharmacy. In addition to the coursework detailed above, the student will receive assistance with job seeking skills (resume’ writing, interviewing) and will begin preparations to take the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam (PTCB). Prerequisite: NURS 801.

Spring Semester (16 weeks)

NURS 803 - Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam Preparation (8 CEUs)

This course serves as the final review of everything that has been covered in the previous two courses. This can also serve as a review class for current pharmacy technicians who would like to take the PTCB certification test. This course brings together all program instruction  and explains how it relates to the current practice of pharmacy. Prerequisites: NURS 801 and NURS 802.

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