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Fall 2020 Open University Academic Calendar

Updated May 20, 2020

August 24: First Day of Classes (Turn in Open University registration form after the first day of class attendance)

August 25: First day to turn in Open University registration forms

September 7: Holiday – Labor Day (Campus closed)

September 11: Begin LATE FEE of $25 for Open University forms

September 21: Last day to withdraw from classes without a “W” being recorded; withdrawal from classes after this date and continuing through the next four-week period will be permitted only for serious and compelling reasons and will require written approval by the Dean or Department Chair

September 21: Last day to change between audit and letter grading and credit/no credit

September 25: Last day to submit Open University registration form with late fee. Any forms submitted after this date must be accompanied by a letter from the professor stating you have been attending class. 

November 9: Last day to withdraw from classes for serious and compelling reason (requires Dean or Department chair approval)

November 11: Holiday – Veterans Day (Campus closed)

November 26-27: Holiday – Thanksgiving (Campus closed)

December 8: Last Day of Classes

December 10–16: Examination Period

December 18–21: Grades Due


Refund Policy for 16-Week Term

  • Drop PRIOR to the first day of the Semester – 100% refund
  • Drop August 25 through September 25 – 60% refund
  • September 15 is the LAST day for partial refund (60%)
  • NO REFUNDS on or after September 16.

Refund Policy for Class with Five or Fewer Meetings (or Online Course)

  • Withdraw prior to the second meeting (or by the 4th day on an online course) full refund less $25 administrative fee.
  • Withdraw after the second scheduled class meeting (or after the 4th day of an online course) and prior to a date at which 25% of the course has elapsed – 60% of course fees refunded. No refund after 25% of the course has elapsed. 

Refund Policy for Class with Four or Fewer Meetings

  • Full refund less $25 administrative fee prior to the first meeting.
  • Withdraw after the first meeting and prior to the second meeting - 60% of course fees refunded for the classes with 3 or 4 sessions; no refund for classes with 1 or 2 sessions.


  • A full refund of fees will be made


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