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Advanced Occupational Safety and Risk Management Certifications

In addition to the standard Occupational Safety and Risk Management certificate, we offer the following advanced certifications. These advanced courses provide even more in-depth instruction and make your experience even more valuable.

Advanced Standards & Regulatory Design - 2.0 CEU

Advanced Standards & Regulatory Design is a course structured for the experienced health, safety, and environmental professional. It explores the influence of published safety standards, explains the process of regulatory design and identifies important resources for structuring and developing training programs.

Regulatory design lessons introduce students to the procedures agencies use in developing regulations, show them how to get involved in the development process, and provide an understanding of core implementation structures.

The course concludes with supporting the development of programs to facilitate the effectiveness of training, meet regulatory compliance, and align with established published safety standard guidelines.

Admission Requirements

Prerequisites include one of the following:

  • Completion of the Occupational Safety and Risk Management Certificate
  • An Associate’s Degree in health, safety, and environmental or human resources
  • 2-years of experience in the occupational health, safety, and environmental field or human resources field;
  • A combination of education and experience of equal value

Students must complete an application form and pay the application fee of $35.


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