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Medical Transcription Editor Certificate Program

Program Outline and Requirements

The Medical Transcription Editor Certificate program is estimated at 640 completion hours. Included in the 640 hours are 41 hours of real-life doctor dictations included in the Medical Transcription program and the medical transcription section of the Medical Transcription Editor program. These dictations cover a wide variety of medical specialties and the full spectrum of doctor accents and dictation style. The Medical Transcription Editor program also includes 16 hours of additional dictation in the editing practicum section. Below is a breakdown of the program outline and the 640 hours.

  • Program Orientation (1 Hr)  
  • Medical Transcription Editing Industry (5 Hrs)
  • Technology and the Medical Professional (5 Hrs)
  • Keyboard Kinetics (10 Hrs)
  • Medical Word Building (15 Hrs)
  • Grammar and Punctuation (10 Hrs)
  • Anatomy, Pathophysiology, and Disease Process – Block 1 (25 Hrs)
  • Anatomy, Pathophysiology, and Disease Process – Block 2 (20 Hrs)
  • Mastering Medical Language (5 Hrs)
  • Pharmacology (15 Hrs)
  • Healthcare Documentation (10 Hrs)
  • Diagnostic Reports (20 Hrs)
  • Focus on Medical Specialties (30 Hrs)
  • Midterm (0.5 Hrs)
  • Introduction to Transcription (13 Hrs)         
  • Transcription Clinic Notes (105 Hrs)
  • Transcription Basic Acute Care (100 Hrs)
  • Transcription Advanced Acute Care (150 Hrs)
  • Editing Theory (15 Hrs)
  • Editing Technique (20 Hrs)
  • Editing Clinic Notes (25 Hrs)
  • Editing Acute Care (40 Hrs)      
  • Final Exam Preparation, Expectations, and Policies (0.5 Hrs)

Since this program is completely self-paced, and the online training format allows you the flexibility to study as much or as little as your schedule allows, the time it takes you to complete the course will differ from other students. Some students can complete their 640-hour training program in as little as 4 months (working on the course full-time, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week) while others, who are more limited in the time they can devote to the course, take longer. Students who can devote about 20 hours a week can finish the 640-hour Medical Transcription and Editing Certificate program in about 8 months.

Every student who enrolls in Career Step’s Medical Transcription and Editing Certificate Program receives an initial 4-month period of enrollment. Though the programs are designed to be completed in 4 months of full-time study, you'll have a full year to complete your training. If you need extra time to complete the course after your initial one-year enrollment, we have 4-month extensions available for purchase.

Your enrollment includes everything you will need to train for a successful career in medical transcription.

*The Medical Transcription and Editing Certificate program includes a third-party software tool that makes the training only compatible with Microsoft Windows and Internet Explorer 7.x, 8.x., or 9.x.

Your enrollment includes:

  • Access to expert-created curriculum
  • Technical support
  • Transcription foot pedal (device used to control audio playback when transcribing)
  • 15-month membership to the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI)
  • 15-month subscription to Benchmark KB (an online database that includes a dynamic medical dictionary, AHDI Book of Style, and many other medical transcription resources)
  • One-on-one help from student support
  • Valuable graduate resources
  • Complete ebook library

Since this program is completely online, your computer will play an important role in your learning experience. We recommend the following minimum computer system specifications:


  • Active internet connection (high speed/broadband connection recommended)
  • 800 X 600 minimum display resolution (1024 X 768 or higher recommended)
  • Sound card and speakers (headphones recommended)
  • USB port


  • Adobe Flash Player (ver. 10 or higher)
  • Windows Media Player (ver. 10 or higher) or Quicktime Player (ver. 7 or higher)
  • PDF reader


  • Internet Explorer 7.x/8.x/9.x
  • Firefox 3.x
  • Safari 4.x or greater (Mac only)
  • Javascript and cookies must be enabled

Operating System

  • Microsoft Windows (XP®, Vista®, 7, with latest service pack)
  • Mac OS X (10.4.11 or greater)

Note: Mobile browsing devices are not currently supported. However, Career Step is investigating the implementation of mobile device support, and these specifications will be updated once a decision has been reached.

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