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Medical Scribe by AHDPG

Medical Scribes aren’t on the frontlines of healthcare, which is good for those who prefer a little more predictability in their daily routines. They generally work behind the scenes - sometimes from the comfort of their own home - listening to dictations and converting them into written documents. 

Here is a breakdown of a Medical Scribe’s responsibilities:

  • Listening to the recorded dictation of a doctor or other healthcare worker. 
  • Interpreting and transcribing dictation into patient history, exam notes, and other documents. 
  • Reviewing and editing drafts prepared by speech recognition software. 
  • Translating medical abbreviations and jargon into the appropriate long form. 
  • Following up with the healthcare provider to ensure that reports are accurate.

This program is a new, exclusive offering developed in partnership with the AHDPG—one of the nation’s leaders in healthcare documentation services, training, and certification. It’s a personalized approach to career training designed to help Learners get more of the information they need based on the knowledge they already have.

What you'll learn:

  • Intro to Medical Scribe
  • Know your way around the program and gain an understanding of the industry.
  • Medical Terminology & Anatomy
  • Learn basic human anatomy and pharmacology, recognize common jargon and abbreviations, and interpret medical instructions.
  • EHR Guidelines
  • We’ll explain the importance of clinical standards in the development of interoperable electronic health records.

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