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Program Requirements & Outline

In order to successfully complete the CSUB-AV Master of Social Work program and graduate, students must:

  • Complete 60 hours of course work according to an approved degree plan.
  • Complete 960 hours of field experience (480 hours for advanced-standing students) and associated seminars.
  • Complete a culminating experience.
  • Maintain a grade point average of 3.0 or better, and a grade of "C" or better in all courses taken to satisfy the requirements for the degree as specified in each student's Plan of Study.
  • Complete all coursework leading to the MSW degree within 7 years from first enrollment.
  • Successfully complete of the Graduate Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR)

CSUB-AV MSW Coursework:

Foundation Courses (all required)

SW 6000: Professional Social Work Identity (3)

SW 6100: Foundation Policy in Social Work (3)

SW 6200: Foundation Human Behavior and the Social Environment (3)

SW 6300: Foundation Social Work Research (3)

SW 6400: Generalist Social Work Practice (3)

SW 6410: Diagnostic Process in Social Work (3)

SW 6420: Foundation Micro Social Work Practice (3)

SW 6430: Foundation Mezzo Social Work Practice (3)

SW 6440: Foundation Macro Social Work Practice (3)

Advanced Courses (all required)

SW 6160: Advanced Policy in Social Work (3)

SW 6260: Advanced Human Behavior and the Social Environment (3)

SW 6360: Advanced Research in Social Work (3)

SW 6460: Advanced Social Work Practice I (3)

SW 6470: Advanced Social Work Project (3)

Field Experience (960 hours)

SW 6500: Foundation Social Work Field Practicum (3)

SW 6560: Advanced Field Practicum I (3)

SW 6570: Advanced Field Practicum II (3)

Electives (2 courses / 6 units)


Culminating Experience (required)

SW 6590 Culminating Experience

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