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Change the way you do business – and your career

In today's ever changing work environment, as a manager, it’s important to develop your existing skills and continuously learn new skills. During your career, you want to develop your collaboration and interpersonal skills, hone in on your industry expertise, be aware of/keep up with emerging technologies and, eventually, manage others. While most of these skills are developed over the course of your career, management can be the most challenging to develop. These, among other reasons, are why many aspiring or newly appointed managers may wonder if taking a management workshop is beneficial.
The CSUB Leadership Workshops responds to that question by providing a guide that will take you through the many challenges of navigating a management role.  The workshops are only four weeks long, 100% online, and delivered by experts from multiple industries. Students also receive one-on-one instructor support and the backing of CSUB Extended Education.
Whether you're new to the job, a veteran leader, or looking to get promoted, CSUB Leadership Workshops will help you reach your goals.

You will be introduced to multiple aspects of management through a curriculum guiding you to develop your skills by utilizing a structure of in-class lectures, individual reading, research and analysis, team projects, and writing assignments. 

Course subject matter will include:  

  • Understanding management and building a foundation 
  • Leading your team and how to give valuable feedback 
  • Self-awareness and how to facilitate meetings 
  • How to hire 
  • How to lead a growing team 
  • How to nurture culture (team and business)

At the conclusion of this course, students should have developed a baseline understanding of the tools provided and have displayed proficiency in the skills and elements discussed within the coursework. 

Meet the Instructor

Nathan Headshot
Nathan Hunt

Nathan Hunt is a Prosci Certified Change Management Practitioner with more than 14 years of experience in Change Management/Organizational Development and a combined 21 years of experience in consulting, leadership, and advisory roles. He has been an integral part of multi-function support, operational teams, and executive level initiatives from small organizations to large global fortune 100 companies, including Costco, Chevron, Nike, and UC Hospitals.

Admission Requirements

Must submit a professional resume
High school diploma or equivalent (GED)

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