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Contact Tracing and Infection Control

Contact tracing could be what frees the world from the grasp of COVID-19. It’s a popular method of containment that’s already helped flatten the curve. But for this to work long-term, we need more qualified healthcare professionals with the proper training—training that isn’t easy to find.

The Contact Tracing and Infection Control course covers all CDC-recommended training elements required to successfully identify patients who have come in close contact with a particular virus or contagion. We’ll discuss important breach avoidance strategies and outline the main steps involved in the contact tracing process.

What You'll Learn:

  • HIPAA Basics - You’ll learn all the basics of HIPAA and how Protected Health Information relates to your work as a contact tracer
  • Contact Tracing Protocols - This is a relatively new development in healthcare, so you’ll get a complete overview of how contact tracing works and what is expected in the role.
  • COVID-19 Guidelines - We’ll walk you through all CMS guidelines for infection prevention as they relate to COVID-19.