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Course Descriptions

CMOD Foundations – 2.0 CEUs

This course will provide an educational foundation to establish the underlying core competencies of CM & OD practices in the ever-changing business landscape. The course will cover topics such as:

  • Understanding change management
  • Difference/relationship between behavioral, individual, organizational, and enterprise change
  • Understanding Organizational Development
  • The stages of OD
  • The connection between CM and OD

CMOD Theory – 2.0 CEUs

This course will provide a look into the theories and tools used to establish core competencies of CM & OD practices to help you:

  • Make sense of CM and OD situations
  • Identify the cause and effect relationships that affect outcomes in those situations
  • Recognize the causal factors that you and others (change agents) can influence
  • Plan, implement, and review changes that will affect these factors in ways that will lead to better outcomes.

CMOD Practice and Application – 2.0 CEUs

This course will develop your practice and application of CMOD and immerse you into a real-world change scenario where you must showcase the learnings and tools developed during the program. A capstone presentation will be your final assignment with the opportunity to get feedback from faculty, students, and invited leaders in various industries.

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