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Program Outline and Requirements

The following information is for students who begin the B.A. in Sociology (College of the Canyons) during the Fall 2018 semester or thereafter. Students enrolled prior to Fall 2018 should refer to this outline.

Lower Division General Education

All lower division General Education (GE) coursework will be completed at an accredited college prior to entry into the B.A. in Sociology (College of the Canyons) program. Students should request a CSU General Education Certification when requesting transcripts.

Two years of High School foreign language or one semester of college-level foreign language is required for graduation. CSU Bakersfield will not deliver foreign language classes. If the requirement was not met in high school, students will fulfill the requirement at a college or university such as College of the Canyons.

Lower Division Prerequisites from College of the Canyons (4 courses)

SOCI 101: Introduction to Sociology
SOCI 102: Introduction to Sociological Research Methods
MATH 140: Introductory Statistics or SOCI 137: Statistics for the Social Sciences
SOCI 106: Introduction to Race and Ethnicity or SOCI 230: Sociology of Sexualities

Lower Division General Education Coursework (1 course)

SOC 2018: Self and Society - Student Enrichment & Lifelong Fulfillment (SELF)

Upper Division General Education Requirements (3 courses)

SCI 3609: An Intro to the Modern Cosmos or TBD - Upper Division Area B (UDB)
COMM 3008: Technical and Report Writing - Graduate Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR)

Upper Division Required Coursework (18 units)

SOC 3000: Introduction to Research Methods
SOC 3100: Classical Sociology Theory
SOC 3110: Contemporary Sociological Theory
SOC 3208: Junior Diversity & Research Ethics - Junior Year Diversity Requirement (JYDR)
SOC 4000: Social Stratification
SOC 4200: Quantitative Analysis
SOC 4988: Senior Seminar in Sociology (Capstone)

Sociology Elective Courses (12 units)

Twelve additional upper division SOC units selected from the department’s offerings that have not been used elsewhere on program outline.

Minor Requirement (12 units)

Courses chosen from our Communications course offerings

*UDC course is required for Communications Minor


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