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New Names, Enhanced Purpose

CSUB Extended University is excited to officially announce two name changes within our division that help better reflect our goals and mission.

CSUB Extended University Division is now CSUB Division of Extended Education and Global Outreach (EEGO). Since 2015, EEGO has been tasked with recruiting international students for the main campus, as well as expanding our short-term study abroad and English language program offerings. We feel this name change allows us to better communicate the type of work we are engaging in for the campus, and aligns our division name with similar units within the CSU.

The Intensive English Language Center (IELC) is now the American Language Institute (ALI). In our recruitment efforts around the world, we found that the IELC did not resonate well with prospective students, nor did the name reflect the multi-faceted nature of our language program. With this change, we are conveying that our program is not just English instruction, but is designed to help students learn the culture and social norms associated with university life in the United States.

We are in the process of completely revamping our internet presence with a series of new websites to support our work. The first website, Extended Education, is live and accessible at This is where you'll find all of our degree, certificate, and professional education programs. Our second site, Global Outreach, which supports ALI and all of our incoming student recruitment efforts, will be live soon.

CSUB Faculty and Staff: If you have "Extended University" listed on your website or any of your marketing materials, please begin using "Extended Education" immediately. If you have any questions about how to properly refer to our programs, please contact:

Stacey Childress
Director of Marketing and Communications
Extended Education and Global Outreach
(661) 654-6148

Please let us know if you have any questions about our new names or how you can work with us to create a great experience for our international students.


EEGO Dean Mark NovakMark Novak
Dean, Extended Education and Global Outreach
Senior International Officer